Inscryption is coming to console with PlayStation port

Roguelike sensation Inscryption is coming to console: today, Sony revealed that the diabolical deck-building card game will be launching on both the PS4 and PS5. There’s no word yet on when the port will be available, but it will include some PlayStation-specific features like haptic feedback that “enhances every grisly action.” Inscryption first made waves when it released on PC last year and recently made its way to Mac and Linux.

The news comes as part of a handful of indie game announcements from Sony. In addition to Inscryption, the company announced PlayStation versions of Cursed to Golf, Signalis, Cult of the Lamb, Schim, and the retro RPG Sea of Stars. A new version of Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children, called the Phoenix Edition, will also be launching on both PS4 and PS5 on September 6th.

It’s an interesting day for the deck-building roguelike genre — which has seen a steady rise in popularity — as CD Projekt Red just launched a single-player iteration of its Gwent card game.

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